Sunny Sunday In Our Amsterdam Apartment

Sunny Sunday In Our Amsterdam Apartment

I love Fall. It’s my favorite season. Why? Because every sunshine filled day feels like a little gift once summer is gone. I love the golden light of Fall mornings, and the unexpected warmth of autumnal afternoons. The colors of the changing leaves are incredible, even here in Amsterdam, and let’s not forget the abundance of pumpkins everywhere. So yes. I love Fall.

And yesterday was as good as a Fall Sunday can get. Especially since we had no plans in the afternoon, which is rare for us, and we just had some nice family time on our balcony. The fact that we’re leaving the city next year makes me even more aware of how lucky we are that we get to call this place our home. I am so happy that this is where we started our family. And because I know Luc won’t remember any of it, I try to document lots of random family moments.

A few weeks back I read something about making sure you don’t only take pictures of your kid, but taking pictures wíth them as well. Because at some point in their life you will no longer be with them (something that’s been really heavy on my heart lately) and they will cherish those images of you together. With the recent loss of my mother in law this is something I’m very aware of.

And the reason that I still have this little blog is because I want to document the things that make me happy. Call it an online journal, or a digital box of memories. But for me it really helps to appreciate everything I’m grateful for by documenting beautiful memories. Especially since I’m struggling with the aftermath of my burnout (read more here), and I just got back to therapy to work on my anxiety. Making sure to stop and take in the little things in life is something that I really want to focus on more. So that’s why I’m sharing some random family moments of our sunny filled Sunday afternoon ♡.

Disclaimer: of course I only drink after I’ve nursed Luc :).


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