Hi! My name is Lara, also known as Little Larey. Because yes, I’m small. Or as I like to describe it: petite. Little Larey Loves is where I share scribbles about my travels, stuff I love, and just general life experiences and adventures. I was born and raised in the southern part of The Netherlands but I currently live in our cool capital Amsterdam with my handsome husband, adorable baby boy, and energetic puppy. This blog started as a travel journal since I needed a place to document my many trips and adventures. But I quickly discovered that the need to write about my travels often intertwined with my need to just scribble something. Anything. Little Larey Loves is about exploring, dreaming, discovering and learning. Life is an adventure to me, and what is an adventure if you can’t share it with anyone?


Ever since I was a little girl I’ve been wanting to travel to every single country in the world “when I grow up”. The idea of exploring foreign lands and cultures has always been fascinating to me. Maybe it’s because both of my parents have their roots in another country (Indonesia & Russia), or maybe it’s just my natural-born curiosity for all things new and unknown. Well, I am kind of grown up by now and I have visited a decent amount of countries (40+) but there is still so much world to see. Follow along as I explore all those crazy beautiful places!


I come from a family of serious food lovers, so I really can’t help that I grew up to be a fanatic foodie. My favourite type of quality time with family and friends involves mainly around food. A large table filled with delicious dishes and wonderful wines, while being surrounded by good company is what you can wake me up for anytime, anywhere. I love cooking and baking myself, but I also love discovering new food places and trying out new cuisines. On my travels I always explore the local food scene and I think that the warmth and comfort that sharing a meal brings is a language that everyone around the world can understand.


Next to travel and food I also like to scribble about other life stuff in general. I share personal stories about my life as a new mommy, and other lifestyle topics that I am inspired or fascinated by. I love art, from classic Dutch painters to North Korean propaganda art. I love design, mostly interior design that is minimalist and industrial, but with a colorful edge or a quirky nod. I love a fit and active lifestyle but also long evenings on the couch while binge-watching Netflix. I love animals, well most animals anyway (I’m afraid of birds and butterflies – true story), and me and my family are frequent visitors of the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam. I love leaving the city and roaming through the woods. I love pretty paper goods and gorgeous handwriting. Oh, and I love stripes. Yes, I rock a lot of stripes. Like a lot, a lot :).

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Everything scribbled on this blog is my own work, including the pictures, which are made by me or my handsome husband (unless otherwise noted). Of course sharing is totally fine, but please give credit and link back here. Many thanks!