Hi! My name is Lara, also known as Little Larey. Because yes, I’m small. Or as I like to describe it: petite. Little Larey Loves is my online journal filled with what and who I love. I love my handsome husband, and the two boys we’re raising. I love that we recently swapped our downtown Amsterdam apartment for our big family home in the countryside. I also love our crazy dog Polly (don’t tell her!). And I really love exploring the world with my little tribe. But I also love to slow down and embrace a simpler life. Oh, and sometimes I also love to rant.

Don’t be a stranger, let’s keep in touch! I’m only an occasional blogger (is that a thing?), but you can follow me on Instagram (@littlelarey) to stay up to date and tag along.

Please Note

Everything scribbled on this blog is my own work, including the pictures, which are made by me or my husband (unless otherwise noted). Of course sharing is totally fine, but please give credit and link back here. Many thanks!