Six Months With You

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On November 1st 2017 you entered this world during a beautiful water birth, and my first memory of you is that you swam (yes Luc, you swam) towards me. I can still feel your slippery soft body in my hands when I grabbed you and put you on my chest. Cue the tears.

Flash forward to today and you are now six months old. And I guess it’s true what they say: you blink and suddenly they’re 18. I know, don’t overreact mommy, we’re not there yet. Thank heavens. But because I realize every single day how time goes by oh so fast, and I really want to document our life with you, I decided to scribble down some things I don’t want to forget. I hope someday you’ll read this and it will put a smile on your face. And probably a big facepalm, followed by a “mooooooom!”.

  • As of your first day you have a tendency to fold your hands like a well-behaved little boy, and it’s the cutest thing ever.
  • Two things most people comment on are your dark, open eyes, and your ability to hold your head up high – right from your first week. You are one alert baby alright.
  • You don’t care for a pacifier at all, but you’re a big fan of mommy’s pink. Dad’s pink will do if mommy is not around.
  • Unlike most babies, you really like being on the changing table, and you often grant us the biggest smiles and giggles when we change or dress you.
  • You’re a great sleeper – just like your dad – and in the past six months we only had two nights where you refused to go to sleep (#blessed). But, falling asleep on your own is something we’re still working on.
  • Even though the first 4 months of breastfeeding were a HUGE struggle, now you’re really having a good time when you’re on the boob: grabbing your toes, bending and stretching your legs, and making the cutest sounds.
  • Your favorite song is The Circle Of Life from Disney’s hit movie The Lion King, but you also seem to love the sound track from Coco. But then again, any Disney song will do.
  • When it is time for bed, we always sing Baa Baa Black Sheep. Although you don’t seem that impressed by our singing abilities.
  • Another bed time ritual is reading either Good Night, Teddy or Guess How Much I Love You (which may or may not has moved your mommy to tears the first time she read it to you).
  • Although you were born in a bath, you were NOT a fan of bath time the first few months. You sort of accepted it when you and daddy went in the big tub together, but you’ve only started to enjoy your baths as of recently. This week we caught you with your cute crooked smile during family bath time. Yay!
  • You are a very happy baby, and you smile easily – but mostly only around us. When there’s other people around you are way too distracted with following everybody’s move (you definitely have your mom’s curiosity) and you put on what we call your neutral face.
  • We don’t know why but you’re very interested in those little white labels that are on clothes, and other fabric items. You really study them closely (with both your fingers and of course your mouth).
  • Your current favorite toys are the penguin book, your teething apple, mr Fox, your Nijntje cube, and Wolly, who was made by our friend’s grandma. And when you’re in your crib you always cuddle (and chat) with Jan.
  • Speaking of chats… You are the chattiest baby I’ve ever met. And we love your cute (and loud!) sounds so very much. You’re currently practicing your B’s, and the face you make while doing this is so freaking adorable.
  • You only poop once a week (which is no big deal; it’s because you’re fed exclusively on the boob, so you’re in charge of your own intake) but when you do IT SMELLS OH SO BAD (sorry buddy, I know #tmi). Your dad is the official poop checker in our house, so you might want to ask him about this.
  • At exactly 4 months you managed to roll over from your back to your tummy, but you haven’t been doing it a lot until last week. Now you can smoothly roll over from back to tummy, ánd from tummy to back – which is your favorite.
  • During Easter, you were 5 months old, we discovered your first tooth. And now you have two adorable – and mighty sharp – tiny teeth in your lower jaw. Although you (try to) chew on everything you can get your hands on, so far the teething process hasn’t been that rough. Let’s hope I don’t jinx it by saying this out loud…
  • You’re also very happy with your two feet; you’ve been obsessed with them ever since you first discovered them at around 10 weeks. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that you’re always wearing colorful Happy Socks (thank you Caro!), just like your dad.
  • We planned on raising you as a little explorer, and so far you really seem to have the travel bug. We’ve slept in quite a few hotels in these six months, and you’re totally fine when we drag you along.
  • Speaking of… At 3 months old we went on a family road trip to Norway, and you were such a trooper on our long drive crossing Germany and Denmark, and on the ferry all the way to Bergen. Like Elsa, the massive heaps of snow, and icy cold wind, certainly didn’t bother you anyway.
  • This week we’ll finally start with solid foods, and judging by your extreme interest in food and people eating (you almost twist your neck while following our hands to our mouths), you’re going to be a food lover, just like mom and dad. Let’s hope you develop an interest in cooking as well. Winning!

My sweet, sweet boy. May you never loose that spark in your dark and alert eyes, that cute dimple in your cheek when you smile, and your enchantment with the world around you. Happy 1/2 birthday, little man. We love you ♡.

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