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YAY! Little Larey Loves is finally live. I say finally because it has been a little pain in the arse to get this baby ready for the launch. Mostly because I’m quite the perfectionist, but also because I’m stubborn and I had my mind set on learning myself how to code (#nerdalert!), which turns out is not a skill to be mastered overnight. Anyway, it’s here and I’ve been feeling festive all week thanks to all your sweet messages and words of encouragement! Note to self: figure out how to use Emojis in WordPress because I could really use that dancing lady right about now.

Stuff I Love

One of the reasons why I blog is that I like to share the stuff I love. I know that sounds vague because well, “stuff” is pretty vague, but that’s also the point. It can be a new restaurant, a hidden gem somewhere on this planet, a book I can’t put down, something cool I found online, the best ice cream, a funky exhibit, interior inspiration, or simply a recipe that’s quick and delicious. Anything I love. Yes, that’s possibly a little pretentious, like I’m Mrs Know-It-All and I’m kind enough to share all these lovable things with you. The thing is I honestly L-O-V-E to search high and low for all that stuff, ánd I usually find what I’m looking for. Trust me.

Little Larey Loves is where I can share all those things. For you, but also a little a lot for me. It’s a place where I can document my scribbles, my pictures, my thoughts and ideas about the little adventure that is my life. Every now and then I’ll post a round up of the stuff I love, the little things that recently amazed me, brought me joy, made me laugh or made me cry. I hope you like #1 of the stuff I love!

“Autumn… The year’s last, loveliest smile” – William Cullen Bryant


For some reason I didn’t really appreciate fall until a few years back. Come to think of it, I guess it has to do with the fact that when you’re a student, fall means: end of summer and back to school. Nobody likes that. But the last few years fall has slowly become my favourite time of the year. Well, after my birthday and Christmas obviously (“who likes Christmas?” THIS GIRL – insert waving girl Emoji). Anyway, I love fall.

Fall Autumn Netherlands
Handsome husband alert

Every beautiful sunny day feels like a little gift and combined with the gorgeous colors of the changing leaves on the trees it makes for the perfect backdrop for a sunday afternoon hike, like we did last weekend. Only 30 minutes from Amsterdam you can find the Bussumse Hei where you can roam around, breathe in some fresh fall air and snap pictures of our own version of an Indian Summer.

Fall Autumn Netherlands

Speaking of… Our amazing coast to coast USA campervan honeymoon adventure starts next week, and I can’t wait to experience that real Indian Summer. So stay tuned for trip updates!


We are strong believers in celebrating the little things, usually with food and wine, and last week we celebrated our one-month wedding anniversary at an amazing new restaurant here in Amsterdam, Choux. We did a 7-course chef’s tasting menu and everything was so freaking delicious. I can’t wait to find a new excuse to go back soon! If you want to know more you can read this post on our first experience at Choux.

Choux Restaurant Amsterdam Food
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It is no secret that I am a big animal lover and one of my favourite weekend activities is a trip to the Amsterdam Royal Zoo Artis. Ever since my man gave me a membership for my birthday two years ago we have been frequent visitors of this beautiful zoo.

Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo

Last weekend we used my sister and my (almost) one-year-old nephew as an excuse to say hello to our little friends. It was a beautiful fall day and I think it was the last day that wearing a coat was only optional.

Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo
Monkey on the loose!
Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo
Baby ducks
Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo
Baby boy

House Envy

Even though we have the best view in Amsterdam and basically #ourhouserules, I wouldn’t mind trading with Jordan Ferney’s gorgeous house in San Francisco for a while. I have been following her blog Oh Happy Day! for a few years now and I absolutely love her sense of style and her funky DIY projects. When we were in San Francisco in the spring of 2014 we stayed at an amazing Airbnb in the Mission District and there was this little red Fiat 500 parked in the street. We loved the contrast of that bright red car with the cream colored Victorian houses in the background so we snapped this photo.

San Francisco Napa Valley wine Country Road Trip

Turns out: that little red Fiat 500 is proudly owned by Jordan Ferney so now she’s even cooler than cool in my book. Anyway, she lives with her husband and two little boys in an amazing home and recently she did an online home tour. The only thing that’s left to say is: I. Want. It. All. Check it out here!

Jordan Ferney Oh Happy Day
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There you have it, volume 1 of the stuff I love. This weekend our house turns into Adventure HQ since we’re leaving for our big trip next Thursday. And we’re also celebrating the 1st birthday of the coolest little dude I know, my awesome nephew. So I’m pretty confident this is going to be a festive weekend. Have a good one everybody, happy weekend!

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