Nine Months With You

Nine Months With You

Thursday 23 February 2017 22pm. Holy shit. Ten seconds after I peed on that plastic stick there are already two lines. Is this finally happening? Your dad and I stare at that little stick and start to giggle. Holy shit yes. It’s finally happening. Due date: 31 October 2017. Date of birth: 1 November 2017.

And here we are. Exactly nine months after you were born. Eighteen months minus one day after you were conceived in the Cotswolds (sorry kiddo, I know #TMI – get used to it). Nine months in, nine months out. I thought I would be a hot mess on this day, but your over emotional and highly sensitive mama is actually doing quite alright. But it still overwhelms me how crazy fast time flies by, so I wanted to share some things that I don’t want to forget about these past three months with you. In case you missed it: catch up on six months with you here.

To say the past twelve weeks were filled with ups and downs would be an understatement. We have been smacked in the face with some severe health issues within both our families, which made us even more aware of how precious life is. A few days before you turned six months old, your sweet grandma passed away. It will forever break my heart that she won’t get to see you grow up. But we will tell you all about her, and how you were the light in her life, especially in those last two weeks. And I find comfort in the fact that she did get to see how her own son turned into an amazing father, and that she knows we will be okay because we have each other. Because we have you.

Travel Baby

We decided to cancel our tropical trip to Guadeloupe and stay a little closer to home. So your first flight wasn’t 11 hours, but a short 3 hours to Portugal. And you were a total rock star! You made your mom and dad super proud (and we may or may not have had a HUGE smirk on our faces after we landed…). You were born to travel the world, for sure. You really had a good time in the Algarve, and didn’t mind all our road trippin’ one bit. You slept in the car (which you basically never do; what’s up with that, buddy?) while we cruised around to cute places like Vila Nova de Milfontes, and Odeceixe – which we would’ve never discovered if it wasn’t for you! You loved seeing all the colorful houses and old trams in Lisbon, while your dad carried you around in the Ergobaby. You smiled at everyone and chatted their ears off, but the highlight of your day was probably your breakfast banana.

Food Glorious Food

Speaking of food… We started you on solids a little after you turned six months, and you’re quite the little foodie. You had pumpkin as your first real meal, and it’s still one of your favorite foods. Although cauliflower and sweet potato are also a huge hit. And pasta (just like mama), and peanut butter (just like papa). Oh and all those juicy nectarines and peaches we’ve been eating all summer. YUM! You practically eat my fingers while I hold them in my hand so you can practice your biting skills. Mind you: you already have 6 (!) razor sharp teeth! So far you’re not a big fan of zucchini and raspberries. Also not a fan of a sippy cup; you prefer your water in a regular cup like a big boy. Who cares half of it gets spilled all over your clothes, right? Another thing that came with solids: poop. SO MUCH POOP. Yes, your frequency definitely increased, although we really don’t mind because those samosa shapes (as your dad likes to call them) are quickly wiped off. Yep, I know #TMI.

Oh and yes, I’m still nursing you at nine months. And I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Who would’ve thought? I certainly didn’t. Maybe it’s because we struggled so much those first four months. I was really set on making it to eight months so that the good times would outweigh the bad. And here we are, still going strong at nine months. I love how you grab your toes, my hands, or my shirt while you drink. However, I’m not a fan of you smacking my bra strap. You win some, you lose some. Also: you learned to give me high fives while on the boob. I LOVE it!

Lookie Luc

You basically bursted out of the pram bassinet, so I finally accepted that it was time for the seat setup. Halleluja, we should’ve done that earlier! You were so fed up with laying flat in there, with nothing to see, and now you really enjoy our walks because there is SO MUCH TO DISCOVER. Because yes: you’re still extremely curious. Everybody keeps commenting on your big and open eyes, and how you always need (yes, need!) to look around. Not so fun when I try to nurse you in public though. I’m probably responsible for your restless and curious nature, and you definitely have your eye for detail from your dad. Even the tiniest crumbs get noticed by those laser-beam eyes of yours.

Oh The Places You’ll Go

You can now sit up and I’m so happy for you because you were totally done with laying on your back all the time. It’s amazing how quick your muscles learned to control your wobbly body, because at first you fell over A LOT. But it only took you a few days to master how to keep your balance. Good job, buddy! You’re currently trying to sit up from a crawling position, and something tells me it won’t be long. Two weeks ago you started to crawl, after a few weeks of working your little butt off. It’s both super adorable and super scary because now we require eyes in the back of our heads. Who is this toddler and where did my baby go?!


Your current favorite sounds are “rawawawawa” (and all variations of that theme; including “mamamama”) and a very soft “pfff” sound which is super adorable. Especially with that little dimple in your right cheek. Another sound you really dig is snorting – yes snorting, like a horse. Oh and with a loud “HEY!” you try to call Polly over. Which usually doesn’t work.

You giggle when your dad gives you kisses (is it the beard?), or when I snuggle your belly. And you started to sing some imaginary songs. Or at least we think it’s imaginary; it might be the Circle of Life – still your favorite song. Or maybe the wake up song I always sing to you? We also started to practice baby sign language and slowly you’re picking up on it. {Side note: sign language can help babies to express themselves, even before they can speak, which reduces frustration and stress – in babies ánd their parents.}

Polly & Luckie

You love chasing after Polly, while loudly chatting to her. It’s so cute that you two are such good buds. You love to stick out your hand for her to lick (which mommy still has to get used to), and she loves to munch on your leftovers (read: all the food you throw on the floor). You hate it when she sleeps while you want to play, and she hates it when you scream ridiculously loud. The cutest thing about your friendship is that you’re constantly looking for her, and she really likes being by your side.

I Got It From My Mama (Or Papa)

The first few months we weren’t completely sure you looked like (either one of) us, but now there seems to be a consensus that you look like your dad, but that you have my eyes. Although sometimes we really see a little Larey in you. Today I realized you look like me when you eat (and also when you’re hungry/hangry…). You also love playing the piano so I think it’s safe to say you got those musical skills from your mama. I love to joke that you look like your dad when you have a fat mushy baby face, and that you look like me when your face is super cute and adorable. Truth is: you start to look more and more like your papa every day and secretly it makes my heart skip a beat (don’t tell him!).


You’re still superrrrrrr obsessed with fabric labels, and it makes me laugh that you can spot them from a distance. Your face lights up and you look like you found solid gold. Therefore one of your current favorite toys are these tails books. Other big hits at the moment are these sorting blocks, this Plantoys car, your spoons, and we made you think your toothbrush is a toy (which is our biggest parenting achievement so far). Oh and throwing stuff on the floor is also a favorite pastime. Or giving blocks to Polly. Sharing is caring after all.


Ah, let’s not forget that you turned into a BIG FAN of bath time! Finally, our born-in-the-water baby loves to play in his tub. As of a few weeks we give you a bath every night because you manage to get your food everywhere, including inside (!) your ears. You especially love to play with your rubber duck (it’s actually ours since we got it at The Peabody Hotel in Memphis on our honeymoon road trip – but we’ll allow it for now). But nothing is more fun than to splash water all over us. Yeah, thanks for that.

Sleep Is For Babies

After our trip to Portugal we finally were able to cut back on both a nap and a feed which gives us so much more room in our daily schedule. So now we’re at 4 nursing sessions (plus 3 solid “meals”) and 2 naps. We still have to plan our day around your nap times because you refuse to sleep anywhere but your bed. Or a bed at least (you’re perfectly fine with whatever bed we put you in – as long as it’s a bed). Do you really love our nap- and bedtime ritual that much? Mommy reading you Baby’s Book Of Firsts In Hawaii, that your auntie and uncle got you there. Correction; mommy telling you Baby’s Book Of Firsts In Hawaii, because if you see the book you only want to play with it. Or eat it. So yes, I know the story by heart.

Or is it Jan, your cuddly cozy thingy you miss? And I know us singing Babaa Black Sheep is priceless, especially the version your dad made for you, but come on, can’t you sleep anywhere else without those things? Car seat? No me gusta. Stroller? Are you kidding me? Way too much to see. Baby carrier? Okay fine, after a serious walk that is. Luckily most of our family and friends know the drill and they don’t mind one bit (and if they do mommy doesn’t care because YOU are all that matters #mamabear). But it would be great if you could nap on the go. Okay, thanks.

I Only Want Mama/Papa

Another big (HUGE) thing we really need to work on is your separation and stranger anxiety. I know that sounds heavy, and it kinda is. All babies go through this somewhere around 8-10 months, but you’ve been in this so-called mommy phase right from the start. It might have to do with the fact that I had to leave you the first few hours after you were born because I was rushed to the OR. I don’t know. But the fact is that you’re only okay with either me or your dad holding you. You’ve only just started to be comfortable with our nanny, who has been with us 2 mornings a week ever since you were 10 weeks old. So this is something we’re gonna practice a lot in the coming weeks. Sorry bud, but it has to be done.

The Daycare Saga

Especially since you’re starting daycare next week. CUE TEARS. Well actually, cue your tears. I was doing pretty okay (really: no tears here!) when I handed you off for your first trial session last week. But when I came back 45 minutes later you were STILL crying your eyeballs out. Your little face completely red. Wet from all the tears and snot. I had never seen you that upset… It was heartbreaking. The next test run was for 2 hours, and luckily your dad came with us for support. And after 1,5 hour we got a call. You were sound asleep! Like what?! We were super proud (and super relieved!); you slept for over an hour and a half. Way to go, kiddo! So now I’m a little more confident with you going for a full day next week. And I know you will come to love it and will probably cry when I come to pick you up in no time.

Summer Vibes

We’ve been having such an amazing summer here in Holland; I honestly think it’s been weeks since you had to wear socks (or pants for that matter). You’ve been at the beach a few times, and you’re definitely a beach baby. We do however need to work on your beach naps, because it would be great if you nap while your mom catches some waves and your dad reads a book on an Australian beach later this year. Yeah baby, we’re going down under!

City Baby Turns Country Boy

Since we’re leaving the city when we move to our new family home next year, we try to make the most of the time we have left in our amazing Amsterdam apartment. It’s bitter sweet because we love our place, but we also really feel the need to live a quieter life in nature. Don’t worry kiddo, it’s still only 15 minutes to the Artis zoo!

Baby Boy Luc Family

We’ve been taking lots and lots of family walks early in the morning. Polly gets to run around in the park, we get to drink our coffee while it’s hot, and you take everything in while chatting about all that you see (I assume). We really try to slow down while living in the middle of this chaotic city of ours.

Yes, I really miss those newborn days and I probably always will. Us burping you the “illegal” American way, while you do a perfect Eddie the Eagle ski jumping move. And I don’t know how many times your dad has mentioned how he misses you sleeping on top of him. But it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced watching you grow every single day. And I think that’s one of the hardest things of motherhood; wanting them to stay little forever, while at the same time wanting them to grow. We’re closing in on your first birthday soon, and I’m sooooo looking forward to whatever comes next. We love you, little Luckie ♡.


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