Video Of Our Family Winter Trip To Canada

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In May of 2016 we spent an amazing few weeks in Western Canada; with the absolute highlight being our time in the Canadian Rockies. Just for the fun of it I made a little travel video of that trip, and I still love to watch it every now and then because it immediately brings me back to how free and happy I felt, roaming the wild and expansive nature of Canada.

When we went back to the Canadian Rockies a few weeks ago, the song I used in that video kept playing in my head over and over again. That’s when I decided to make another fun video of our time in Canada. I think it’s a nice keepsake for our family, Luc being almost 17 months old, and me being 22 weeks pregnant with baby boy number two. It’s been a lot of work since I’m in no way a professional film maker, videographer, or travel vlogger – nor do I aspire to be one – but seeing Luc’s face light up every time he watches the 7 minute video is so worth it! Everything is shot and edited on my iPhone, so it’s really just meant as a cute little home video for us to enjoy for years to come. I hope you’ll like it too!


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