Harvard: Start Spreading The News

Harvard: Start Spreading The News
Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today  – Frank Sinatra

On 18 June 2010 I will hop on a plane to New York City for a 2 month stay in the United States of America. For 7 weeks I will study at the prestigous Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I will take a course in International Relations at the Harvard summer school which I’m super excited about! During these 7 weeks I’ll live on campus in an actual Harvard dorm room and I really get to experience campus life, pretty cool. Of course there has to be time for some relaxing after all this hard work, so I’ll be doing some travelling for 2 weeks before I head back home at the end of August. I promise to share my experiences while living the dream of being a Harvard student, even if it’s just for a summer!

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