What’s In My Hospital Bag – The Second Time Around

Hospital Bag, Pregnancy, Third Trimester, Birth

Since I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant with baby boy numero 2, it’s about time to start getting ready for his upcoming arrival. And because of the gestational diabetes (pregnancy diabetes) that I was diagnosed with in week 34, there’s an increased risk of pre-term labour, so the little one could come any day now. Time to start packing my hospital bag! And even though I’ve done it before, I still had to google what I shouldn’t forget to bring. And since I’m not sure if I might need this list again (I’m guessing no, but as JB so wisely sings: never say never) I thought it would be smart to write it down anyway.

Hospital Bag, Pregnancy, Third Trimester, Birth

I packed everything in our Walker Goods duffel that I LOVE SO MUCH, and it’s the perfect hospital bag because it has a compartment for baby’s stuff, a compartment for mama’s stuff, and lots of extra pockets to stay organized. And it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of an organized bag. So here’s everything that I’ve stuffed in my hospital bag. (I’ve linked a few products for those interested #nospon).


Wallet with coins (for coffee, wheel chair, snacks)
Insurance card
Birthing plan
Cord-blood kit

For mama


Bath robe
Birthing shirt/dress
Big cotton or bamboo underwear
Nursing bra
Pyjama shirt with buttons
Socks (warm and normal pair)
Going home outfit (bamboo leggings + nursing top)


Toothbrush + toothpaste
Moisturizer (tinted)
Facial oil
Facial wipes
Shower gel
Chap stick
Hand sanitizer
Hair brush
Nursing pads
Maternity pads
Hospital panties
Nipple shield

For baby

Outfit size 50
Outfit size 56
Big muslin blanket
Warm baby wrap


Snacks for after
Water bottle
Camera + battery/charger
Phone + charger
Carseat (in the car)

I think that’s pretty much all I need. After Luc’s birth I had to stay in the hospital for a few days, and it’s very well possible that I need to stay a little longer this time. But in that case the husband goes home to pick up a few extra things anyway. Uh, and to take care of Luc of course. Let me know if there’s something essential you think I forgot!

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